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Between August 1-10, 2014, the Canadian Canoe Foundation in partnership with Paddle Canada, the Canadian Canoe Museum, Rapid Media, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s Manitoba Chapter and Northern Soul Outfitters will offer a national-level youth environmental education contest in order to celebrate National Paddling Week 2014. 

A primary goal of the project is to raise awareness of and support the establishment of Pimachiowin Aki, a proposed 33,000 square kilometer UNESCO World Heritage Park straddling the border of Ontario and Manitoba.

The Canadian Canoe Foundation led contest will see youth from across Canada take part in a water conference in Winnipeg followed by a seven-day environmental leadership canoe trip down Manitoba’s Bloodvein River. The Bloodvein River flows through Pimachiowin Aki.

Special guest at the Water Conference and on the seven-day youth environmental education canoe trip? 
Canadian musician, canoeist and conservationist Kathleen Edwards!

The Water Conference component of the project is taking place in Winnipeg on August 2nd. 




The objectives of the Water Conference and Youth Environmental Education project on the Bloodvein River are:

1) Promote and celebrate National Paddling Week (June 6-15, 2014), a week that encourages Canadians of all ages to participate in paddling and water safety instruction courses, and to use these skills to explore Canada’s world famous waterways;

2) Promote the work that is being done by CPAWS MB, First Nations, provincial and municipal governments, the United Nations and a wide variety of non-governmental organization to establish Pimachiowin Aki a proposed United Nations World Heritage Park (on the border between Manitoba and Ontario);

3) Develop 9 Water Leaders (youth from across Canada) through their participation at the water conference and a seven-day environmental leadership canoe trip; and

4) Establish concrete opportunities for our 9 Water Leaders to engage their friends, families and communities in the conservation work of ENGO organizations such as CPAWS MB in order to educate and inspire thousands of Canadians across the country to play a role in promoting the sustainable management of Canada’s water resources.