The Canadian Canoe Foundation is a registered charity that develops watershed-health projects that culminate in youth environmental leadership canoe-trips. Our  participants return to their communities as Water Leaders, educating and motivating their family and friends about environmental issues in their watershed and what citizens can do to work towards solutions.

The Foundation partners with environmental organizations who are working to protect the lakes and rivers we travel. Our youth participants get an on-the-water education about the work that is being done to protect Canada's water resources and are provided opportunities to become active in the conservation work of our partnering organizations.

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We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations who have expressed their support for the aims and objectives of the Canadian Canoe Foundation.

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Youth Environmental Education


We are pleased to be partnering with the Ayalik Fund and Jackpine Paddle to implement a youth environmental education and personal development canoe trip program this summer.

The program will see a dozen Inuit youth, ages 14 & 15, from the Kitikmeot (Arctic coast) region of Nunavut fly to Yellowknife for a two-week canoe-camp on the Pensive Lake Loop.The program will include outdoor and canoeing skills training and social activities for the youth, directed by a team of experienced Jackpine Paddle staff, led by owner/operator Dan Wong.  The boys will be eligible to qualify for Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills and Camping Wilderness Leadership certifications.  We hope several of the youth participants will develop an interest to return in future years for more advanced training and in time become outdoor guides themselves! For information on Jackpine Paddle including their Northern Guide Training Program visit:


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